InZone Publications

A case study on OERs as rapid responses in emergency settings

Paper presented at the 2016 EADTU Conference, October 19-21, 2016

Higher education spaces & protracted displacement: Unleashing refugee innovation

Paper presented at the 2016 Tech4Dev Conference on May 3, 2016

Mobile and Connected Learning as drivers of Higher Education in Emergencies

How could we re-imagine higher-level learning for refugees on the move?

A decent higher education agenda for fragile contexts

What does a decent higher education agenda for fragile contexts look like?

The power of language - the language of power

The power of language - the language of power: Leveraging core humanitarian principles to improve multilingual communication in the field. 

Interpreter training - MDGs and the post 2015 agenda

How do interpreting skills overlap with 21st-century skills, MDGs and the post-2015 agenda? 

Interpreting Conflict: Training Challenges in Humanitarian Field Interpreting

This policy and practice note presents a sustainable training model that leverages innovative pedagogy and new technologies for building interpreting capacity in the field.

Blended Learning in Complex Environments: Reaching Learners in the Field

This paper discusses design and development of virtual and blended approaches, overcoming connectivity problems, collaborative learning and contextualization of learning activities in some of the most challenging and complex environments.

Uncharted Territory – Reaching Interpreters in the Field

Presented at the 2012 CIUTI Forum, this article discusses how to reach interpreters working in the field.